A Cross-Continental Romance: How My Parents Found Love in Sasebo

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Once upon a time, my mother embarked on a captivating journey from Massachusetts to Japan. Her role as a manager at a PX brought her into a world buzzing with diverse characters, each with their own stories to tell.

Among these many stories, my father's stood out. Fresh from graduating as a lieutenant from the Military Academy, West Point, he found himself in Japan on R&R, taking a break from his post in the Korean War. His courage and determination sparked my mother's interest, and a military romance began to bloom.

At the same time, my mother found herself in an unusual predicament. She was also being courted by one of the heirs of the Rockefeller or Vanderbilt fortune, a subplot that added a touch of glamour and intrigue to her life story.

Despite the allure of wealth, it was my father, the steadfast soldier, who won my mother's heart. Their love story led to a grand wedding ceremony in Sasebo, Japan, an event so significant that it even drew the attention of the US Ambassador.

Following this unforgettable wedding, their journey took them to Fort Benning, Georgia. This was where I was born, where my life as an 'army brat' began. This place became a significant part of our family's legacy and military lineage.

However, the Fort Benning I knew no longer exists. It has been renamed Fort Moore, the only U.S. base named for a married couple, signifying the unity and strength inherent in such bonds.

The legacy of the place, much like my parents' enduring love story, remains alive in our memories and the stories we share. This cross-continental romance serves as a testament to a love that traversed continents, bridged cultural divides, and ultimately, birthed our beautiful family. I'm proud to carry forward this legacy, a tale that reminds us all that love, indeed, knows no boundaries.

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