High-Seas Adventure: Stormy Waters During College Summer Break

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Introduction: Join me on a captivating journey back to the summer of 1976, where as an Army Brat, I embarked on an unexpected adventure that unfolded on the high seas. I invite you to step aboard.

Embarking on a thrilling summer journey in 1976 as an Army Brat, little did I know that my return trip from Singapore to Minnesota would turn into an escapade filled with stormy seas, unforgettable encounters, and the pursuit of getting back to college. I think it was a high-sea's adventure like no other.

Setting Sail and Unexpected Crewmate

As I stepped onto the oil supply ship in Singapore, excitement surged through my veins. Armed with a diplomatic passport, a duffel bag packed with essentials, and a first-class ticket, I was ready for an unforgettable summer adventure. My dad, the US Army stationed in Signapoer, working out of the Embassy had securrred this Attache However, communication quickly became a challenge as only a few crew members spoke fluent English. Undeterred, I embraced the diversity and unknown adventures that awaited me.

Life at Sea and Unconventional Duties

Days turned into weeks as we sailed across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. As an oil wiper, I found myself with ample free time since the ship was being towed. Despite the language barriers, I managed to forge connections with the captain and crew. Card games and activities in the wheelhouse became our shared pastime, providing a much-needed break from the monotony of the open sea. To earn extra money, I even discovered the odd job of scraping barnacles off a sailboat tethered to our ship.

Chapter 3: Stormy Seas and the Captain's Audacious Plan

News of an approaching storm sent waves of excitement and anxiety through the crew. Amidst the brewing tempest, the captain shared an audacious escape plan with me. Utilizing a lifeline between the two ships, I would be seated securely, transferring from one vessel to another. The plan seemed daring and promising until a comical mishap involving a bag of potatoes during a test run led to a swift abandonment of the idea.

Chapter 4: Battling the Elements and Floating Hope

As the storm unleashed its fury, our ship became a battleground against the unforgiving sea. I found myself in the heart of the action, working in the engine room when disaster struck. A colossal wave crashed onto the deck, flooding the ship and creating chaos. With the crew's quick thinking and collaborative efforts, we managed to repair damaged doors and pump out the water, defying the storm's relentless assault. Our resilience and determination offered a glimmer of hope amidst the tempest.

Chapter 5: Anchored in Guam and Unforeseen Delays

Seeking refuge in Guam, we embraced the temporary respite from the storm. Although I couldn't reunite with my family, the warmth and hospitality of military friends stationed on the island provided solace. We shared laughter, swapping tales of our high-seas adventures, forming bonds that would last a lifetime. Unforeseen delays due to necessary repairs extended my stay in Guam, prompting me to reevaluate my plans and seize the opportunity for further exploration.

Chapter 6: College Dreams and the Return to Solid Ground

With the storm behind me, it was time to resume my journey. During a layover in Hawaii, the enchanting beauty of the island captivated me. Spontaneity took hold, and I decided to extend my stay, immersing myself in the Hawaiian experience. However, as my college dreams beckoned, I bid farewell to the island paradise and continued my journey to Minnesota. Settling into the university, I eagerly embraced the challenges and adventures that awaited me.

I recently came across this story about a recuse in the high seas, during a huge winter storm. 

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